Morini’s Men Gregorio Paltrinieri & Gabriele Detti Meet In The Middle Over 800

1500m Gregorio Paltrinieri (R) and 400m champion Gabriele Detti met in the middle over 800m and left battle with the same result - by Patrick B. Kraemer

There was no let-up in the digging deep from Gregorio Paltrinieri and Gabriele Detti the morning after an Italian 1-2 led by a 14:34.04 European record and second swiftest effort all time: Paltrinieri, 7:49.87; Detti, 7:51.40 – and then the 20-year-old who trained with them for a month in Ostia and took bronze over 30 laps yesterday, Mykhalo Romanchuk (UKR), 7:51.83.

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I find the schedule absurd. The 800 heats a few hours after the 1500 final??? dont they know it’s usually the same people to swim both distances?

ps Craig do you have any news on Marco Orsi? Last I heard, he was supposed to swim here after having recovered from sickness that kept him away from Nationals. If he does not qualify here, there is only Sette Colli left.


I already wrote yesterday about how bizzarre the schedule is when I found out that Sjostrom and Kromowidjojo had to be back on the starting block for 50 fly final less than 10 minutes after 100 free semis.

Seriously, who made this schedule. Or maybe they were never that serious about this champs after all.


ThereaLuigi, Marco should have arrived today in London to swim the 50 free. At least that was the plan.


Thank you Fabios, but what about the 100?


He can’t be competitive in the 100 right now (I think he started to train again just 3 weeks ago). I guess he’ll try his only shot for the 100 free in Rome during the Sette Colli trophy. After the time lost due the injury, at this European Championship he can only try to be competitive in his favourite race, the 50 free.


We need him for the relay!

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