Mitch Larkin A 52-sec Man For All Seasons On Way To Tilt At Rio 2016 Olympic Glory

Mitchell Larkin - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Into double-figures when it came to sub-53 swims over 100m backstroke last year, double World backstroke champion Mitch Larkin set off in January 2016 as he left off in 2015 – a 52.85 off a 25.80 at the turn at a Victoria State titles in Melbourne that delivered a 1:55 200m. Larkin is on a roll and rolling. Meet ends with fine efforts from Emma McKeon, Bronte Barratt, Georgia Bohl and Daniel Jervis, among others.

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James Magnussen went 49.32 in the 4x100m lead off, not quite the 48 he was looking for.

Craig Lord

gheko – that’s in the copy and has been from launch


It’s impossible to interpret these Magnussen results to know whether he will be back to his best by the time of Aussie trials. I hope he will, It’s always sad to witness very talented swimmers/athletes not going back to their best after injuries/surgeries.


ASW, Maggie stated yesterday on live stream at Vics that he won’t be at Super Series and his next real hit out will be NSW titles. Agree that non-committal would be the wisest course on interpreting his meet.

Larkin & Wilson were probably the stand-outs of the meet.

Sound grounds for cautious optimism from the showings of Bohl, McKeonE, Barratt & Evans.

Early days for live streaming for these meets, and a number of areas which can be fine-tuned, but the plusses are clearly there and this is something that really should be encouraged

Craig Lord

I agree on the live stream CW … definitely something to encourage but with a few weaknesses acknowledged – they need a touch of measure, too… ‘great’ and ‘out of this world’ should be reserved for when those things mean what they say. It comes down to budget, I realise that, but Swimming Australia etc have far more resources that the likes of us, for example – so, what they need is the enthusiasm and some of the fine knowledge we heard, the key guests, the videos … and a touch of professional editorial control and a few more cameras to get up close … I hope they get there. Would and could be ‘great’…


This was the Victorian state titles, nothing major at this time of year, the real action will be in April at the Australian championships.

Craig Lord

Yes, we realise that Gheko 🙂 In-training indicators only

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