Mireia Belmonte Looking Forward To Rio With A Physio By Her Side; Cseh Set For Berlin

Mireia Belmonte by Patrick B. Kraemer

News Round-up: Mireia Belmonte has revealed that she consults a physiotherapist every day in the wake of a 2015 season disrupted by shoulder injuries; Lazslo Cseh sets for the International Meeting of Berlin next month; Sandrine Mainville & Penny Oleksiak top the bill at Canadian tune-up; Chad Le Clos training on, racing through at South African Grand Prix

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The necessaty of daily consultation of physiotherapist tells to the person like me ( who knows little about medical specifics of the problem) that either the core of the problem is still not clear or the possibility of sudden reocurrence of the pain is high. If it is so then it makes a lot of mental pressure on the swimmer. I wish Belmonte is not suffering Franklin’s back pain syndrome.

Jorge Abril

Right now Belmonte is a mystery. She insists on swimming pool races and open water. About her shoulder, she is thinner than one year ago…Next March there will be the Spanish trials. We will see what happens…

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