Milorad Cavic Tells Wide-Eyed Watchers On Next Wave How To Tap Into Energy Of “Team”

Energy for the next wave: (clockwise from top left) Evgeny Korotyshkin, Milorad Cavic and Peter Mankoc against a backdrop of the parade of teams at the Energy Standard Cup

Milorad Čavić sets out his stall with a question. “What is a G6”? Silence. Forgiveable. The wide-eyed watchers before him are around 14 to 16 years of age (a few a touch older): some of the best junior swimmers in the world, shoals from Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. They’re gathered for much more than racing at the Energy Standard Cup in Lignano. On the stage in front of them are three men from three countries who call themselves brothers and have shared, as Cavic puts it “sweat, pure pain, laughter and tears”. They are “Team” – and that’s something to harness.

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