Mie Nielsen Rolls To Rio Honing With 59.2; Steffen Diebler Flies To Olympic Fly Berth

Mie Nielsen 2013 17th European Short Course Swimming Championships in Herning, Sports

European Champion Mie Nielsen, of Denmark, enters final prepartions and taper phase for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a 59.22 boost of a victory over 100m backstroke at the German Open in Berlin.

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That compares to the 59.20 that Seebohm just swam at the Grand Prix last weekend.. They really are neck and neck for that Rio gold Nilsen and Seebohm… Could be a Danish upset for Olympic gold in swimming


I agree, I think Nielsen is peaking at the absolute right time.

kevin roose

She wont beat Seebohm …….i think in the end experience will be a factor …..


Nielsen may be only nudging 20 but it is a mistake to equate that to lack of experience. She may not have Olympic experience but she has been around senior international competition since 2011.

As for this event, I basically line-up with Verram. Whilst Seebohm deserves favouritism due to her domination of the event since 2013; it is THAT rather than her 2016 form that “swings it” that way.

Whilst we can postulate any number of scenarios with regards to Seebohm’s 2016 modus opperandi; we cannot know for certain and are in essence theorising. Nielsen must be seen as a very real Gold contender and I could very easily see her springing the upset.

kevin roose

Seebohm has been swimming such a long time and the London experience will be an advatage ….with Franklin not there Emilly will beleive its her time …….
Its a mistake to not take olympic experience into caculation and in fact i would not be surprised if the world silver medalist Maddie Wilson beat the Danish girl as well…..


IF Wilson were swimming at her 2015 levels …. yes; but we haven’t really seen that. Her AUS season was promising but her times started to fall away leading into Trials and she was the wrong side of 59 at Trials. I don’t rule her out but at this point in time, I think Nielsen & Hosszu deserve higher seeding.

Each Olympic campaign is different with its own specific characteristics. You are a different athlete four years on, for better or worse. Yes, you will have hoped to have learned from previous campaigns but your life circumstances will, in many cases, have changed and these have impacts.

Back to the event, the event HAS moved on over the past Olympic cycle. Franklin has faded for now but the new challenges are very real and just as formidable in their own ways.

kevin roose

A positive guage for me on Wilson doing 53.93 over 100 freestyle lead off leg in the 200 ……at the grand prix .
I would not be surprised if she swam the heats of the 4 x 100 free relay fist day …….
i think she is now in the zone and given that she is doing the 200 back is focused on the 100 ……..
i rate her highly as a strong prospect over the next 4 years …….

kevin roose

correction not doing the 200


Kevin, her sub54 100free is a positive but she was part of the 4×100 heats line-up last year and was always a likely co-optee.\

She’s been somewhat of a late bloomer and at 22, it cannot necessarily be “taken as read” that she WILL go another Olympic cycle. IF she has a successful or ever reasonably successful Rio, she may decide to say “enough” or get out after 2018 CG.

In any case, she’s likely to have heavy competition on her hands from the likes of Atherton, Whittaker & McKeown Jr.


Kevin, winning swimming gold is not based on experience.
Otherwise Seebohm would have won gold in London and Franklin would not have won anything in London.

kevin roose

Yes your right winning is not based just on experience but it can be a important factor in obtaining a win…..
Certainly other factors come into play ……
Frankiln endured the American trials before the London Olympics , the Danish girl will not have had the same ……
Thats why i made the point the fundamental differance between the 2 could come down to experience…….
As on the clock they appear to be neck and neck ….
Do you understand now my point ASWIMFAN?


I fully understood your point the first time.
Experience may help certain swimmers in certain situation, but in olympics swimming, momentum is more important.
Only a fraction of a second separated Le Clos from Phelps near the finish and yet it was the first Olympian who was triumphant against the most experienced Olympian of all time.
Meilutyte who was first time Olympian beat the heavy favorite Soni in a neck to neck battle.

kevin roose

So the Danish girl has more momentum and will win you havnt said ASWIMFAN ….?

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