Mie Nielsen Keen To Split Difference, 59.26CR; No Rio 200 But Murdoch Will Race Koch

Mie Nielsenby Patrick B. Kraemer / MAGICPBK)

Euro Champs, day 3 heats: Mie Nielsen (DEN) and Katinka Hosszu (HUN) shared gold in the 100m backstroke at Berlin 2014. They don’t want to do it again, as the heats at the London Aquatics Centre proved this morning. The Dane established a championship record of 59.26 without a pant to follow before watching Hosszu challenge with a 59.38; and a Berlin 2014 rematch on the cards – Marco Koch Vs Ross Murdoch in the 200m breaststroke

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Felix Sanchez

Once upon a time 15m infraction DQs in 200breast would have been unthinkable, but there should have been more than one today.

Felix Sanchez

May have been holiday pace for Ledecky, but Kapas looked pretty relaxed herself. Always a pleasure to watch her swim.



I agree re:15 m underwater limit. It’s just amazing how world class breaststrokers these days are able to jump so far and streamline so long.


aswimfan, If I recall correctly, the 15m limit does not apply to breaststroke.

Felix Sanchez

It does apply to breaststroke.

Felix Sanchez

There was one disqualification today. And Pizzini and Willis (not that it mattered in the end) were lucky to avoid the same fate.

John MacLean

Felix there is no rule requiring you to surface before 15m on breast stroke, this only applies to fly back and freestyle.

Felix Sanchez

My sincere apologies then. How embarrassing! Judging by current evidence it may be time to reintroduce it.

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