Michael Phelps: ‘I Really Wanted That One Back’ – Mission Repossession Accomplished

Michael Phelps meets the family - and gets to hug Boomer Bob - by Patrick B. Kraemer

“Just to be able to see the No 1 next to my name again in the 200 ‘fly, one more time: couldn’t have been scripted any better,” said Michael Phelps, through beaming smile just beyond the first hour of taking repossession of the Olympic title he first won in 2004 and regained in 2008. He…

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Bad Anon

MP is the real deal…. Le Clos’ win in London looking more and more like a fluke


MP is more than the real deal, but I disagree that Le Clos win in London was a fluke.

He went on to win 100-200 fly in 2013 Barcelona and then 100 fly gold and 200 fly silver in Kazan.

I think his suicidal pace swims in all prelims-semis and final of 200 free took out more than he would admit. That was incredibly reckless.

John Lohn

ASF, I fully agree. Le Clos not a fluke. As you said, flukes do not follow up with world titles.

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