Memories of Montreal 1976 & The USA Men’s Dream Team As Omaha Gets Set 40 Years On

The Dazzling Time Of John Naber - Montreal 1976 [ragout from L'Equipe - Les Jeux Olympiques, Tome II]

As the sound systems and supertroupers are checked in Omaha in readiness for USA Olympic Trials for eight days from the coming weekend, SwimVortex celebrates the 40th anniversary of the same event held back in June 1976 at Long Beach and the follow-up; the most dominant team result in Olympic swimming history, Montreal 1976 marked by an American men’s team that won every title bar one, that going to Britain’s breatsstroke ace David Wilkie, the men’s 100m butterfly the only final in which the world record – A Spitzean standard that would survive until the Albatross and 1984 – stood firm.

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Great story of magnificent achievements!

It’s a good thing the East Germans had not yet perfected the use of PED combined with great techniques, otherwise their men could have been as magnificent as Sun, Park and Ning.


Matthes had the best technique he did not need drugs, they worked better on young women according to the GDR Sports scientists and doctors.

Craig Lord

Yes, Gheko. “Some, like Roland Matthes’s coach (Marlies Grohe-Greissler) consistently refused to use doping.” sports scientist Helge Pfeiffer told me. She went on to explain how his success meant that he and she were left alone to get on with it, while others who refused spent their lives cleaning toilets when removed form the sports program…

Craig Lord

Yes, quite so, asf. Many men were, of course, fed PEDs, too – just that much of it was of a kind (steroidal) that worked most dramatically by adding male characteristics to young women.


Yes, Matthes was an exception. It’s clear his technique was magnificent and he had amazing natural talent. His ex-wife could have achieved great things too even not PED as she was also very talented..sadly..

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