Mauricio Fiol Slapped Four-Year Ban As Peru Laments The Doping ‘Progress’ In The Pool

Peru's Mauricio Fiol, out of the Games and facing questions over a positive doping test

The world of swimming is getting more competitive as more nations get closer to the leaders in the pool – or so they say. If true, then it is also the case that more swimmers from developing swim nations are testing positive.

Today brings confirmation that Mauricio Fiol Villanueva, of Peru, whose case dates back to the Pan American Games in Toronto last July, joins the Hall of Shame with a four-year suspension from the sport.

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Well, Stanozolol can’t even be compared to the likes of Mildronate (Meldoniy) or TMZ, which efficiency in sport is highly questionable. If people are getting banned for yeasrs and shamed for those semi-placebos, those who does Stan and other roids should be put in jail 🙂

Craig Lord

Jail, Eugene, should be the preserve of those who supply and create the market in sports drugs on the back of research into cures for sick and even terminally ill people and in so doing make sick people out of young athletes. The planet groans with wasted resource – and sport is a heavy debtor in that sense. I hear what you say about highly questionable. I think that stretches the point in that it ignores some of the effects the drug is intended for when given to people who need it for medical conditions – all 99 of those elite o-so-healthy athletes who are walking adverts that tell the world – don’t do sport kids, winning’s a killer… the 99 the tip of an iceberg, perhaps. They really can’t all be that sick and the suggestion from the maker that ‘these athletes would die if they didn’t get this drug’ is opportunistic stuff from the barn floor. If it were true and the ratio of elite athletes needing such treatment is taken into account, sports history must be the biggest graveyard of youth in human history since teenage boys were sent over the top to their deaths.
Beyond that, stanzl is in the top category of offences, hence the four years, as explained in the decision in full linked to at the foot of the copy.



Was Sun Yang banned for YEARS for taking TMZ?
Please present your facts.

And Meldonium and TMZ are placebos? So, Sharapova have been wasting their time taking them for 10+ years?

Also, now you are saying that TMZ is placebo, but before, you tried to convince us that TMZ was a matter of life and death for Sun Yang as he (you suggested) has chronic heart disease.

Guess what, Sharapova apparently is also diabetic with chronic heart disease who wouldn’t mind pushing and selling those disgusting Sugapova treats even if she’s (apparently)diabetic herself.


Efimova reportedly one of the 99. Any confirmation?


I would sooner suspect Meilutyte on the ground that Luthenia is the close neighbor of Latvia that produces meldonium and because her coach publicly doesn’t reject the very idea of this to happen and because she lost in Kazan not being able to maintain a fast pace.
Now I am starting to understand why swimvortex started the discussion of possibility of winning those who are under radar now. Because it can happen that there would be no clean leaders left.
Ger, I dislike Efimova but I dislike even more the spreading of unbased rumors.


Despite the fact that Efimova and Sharapova have Russian last names they are basically Americans. Especially Sharapova, who was brought to US at age of five. Unless people of this nationality are genetically programmed cheaters it wouldn’t be right to be suspicious a priori. If Efimova does it again I would rather conclude that mentality of american environment which she belongs to is not much different from Russian. Just the control is tighter.


Thank you for the link, Ger. If it would be confirmed I owe you an apology.
But you should start with such link to avoid confusion.


Get, I read Russian article that SW refers to. Nothing conclusive without any references to official sources. The only interesting fact that was mentioned is that Efimova together with Vlad Morozov is coached by David Salo, who worked with her regardless she was being banned.


If Efimova positive test is confirmed, I’d like to see what kind of action will USA Swimming impose on Dave Salo.

It’s become ridiculous how tolerant and supportive Dave Salo is towards cheating swimmers.

Had Dave Salo been a chinese or russian coach, you can bet all kinds of scathing comments and articles written about him.

Craig Lord

Quite so, aswimfan

Craig Lord

Thanks Ger. Now posted here:
raging 40C fever, ‘flu and late on this while wallowing in all sorts of banned products last night 🙂

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