Martynova Doping Positive ‘Known Before Kazan Worlds’; China/Russia In WADA Focus

WADA extends inquiries to China and Russian swimming as details of the Yana Martynova case - the swimmer a cover girl on the eve of a home world titles last year - start to the emerge

Russian organisers of the FINA World Swimming Championships were among those who knew on the eve of racing last July that Yana Martynova had tested positive for doping but the media was still being told she was ‘injured’ as late as September, long after Rusada had informed the national medley champion that she would no longer be able to participate at a home showcase event

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If these allegations are true, then Vlad Sal might have been lying. If that turns out to be the case, how can FINA be effective in fight against doping if its members behave like that?

Craig Lord

asf, your comment has been edited for legal reasons. Thanks for understanding.


Here’s another interesting story from athletics:
“Spain anti-doping: Aden, coach of Genzebe Dibaba, arrested.”

Craig Lord

Thanks Ger


Oh No……!
Not Genzebe Dibaba!!!


I’ll be bummed if G. Dibaba turns out to be dirty. Do have to say that it was kind of odd last year when the only other woman on the track who seemed happy to see her get the WR was the pacer who probably got a nice bonus for hitting the correct intermediate time splits for the record.

I do think that the Russian federation was trying to throw Martynova under the bus a little- if they give a really good but not quite medal prospect swimmer a long ban, they can hold her up as an example of being ‘tough with dopers’ even as they conveniently slot other known dopers with better podium chances onto their international teams.

Craig Lord

I understand what you mean beachmouse and if that were the case, it would probably not be the first of its kind. Meanwhile, the ban was deserved. Russia will need to do that with everyone who tests positive and name and shame the doctors, coaches and anyone else that may have (and has been) so far shielded from the light before anything like trust is restored.


Could you please remind me who did the doping tests last year in Kazan? It wasn’t Russian doping lab, right? I’m feeling too lazy to click on old articles.

Craig Lord

Asf, yes, it was the Russian doping lab under international observation, the set up similar to that used for Sochi, without the alleged holes in the hall leading to a secret chamber, one assumes… The samples (stored) have since been moved outside of Russia. FYI

Steve Levy

What appears to be happening now that the light has been turned on and is shining brighter is that all the cockroaches are scurrying to find new hiding places, simply stopping dead in the their tracks, or pushing other cockroaches out ahead hoping to buy more time.

A nuclear option isn’t needed when the cockroaches are turning on each other…

Craig Lord

There’s certainly a sense of nature taking over and things running their natural course, Steve…

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