Madeline Groves On 2:05 Ranks Topper, Throssell 2:06 200 ‘Fly; Matt Wilson .2 Out

Madeline Groves by Steve Christo, courtesy of Swimming Australia Ltd

Up to World No 1 so far this Olympic year, Madeline Groves was next on the SPW roster to grab an Olympic berth with a season a pace-setting swim: 2:05.47, the Rio cut of 2:07 sailed past with vigour and Brianna Throssell providing a following wind on 2:06.58; heartache for Matthew Wilson, 17, the crown, a maiden 2:09.90 200r but 0.2sec shy of Rio cut

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That 2.09 was a superb swim. Not the best performance by a 17 year old tonight though, wowee. Wow.

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