Mack Horton & Fellow Dolphins Make For Monaco Mare Nostrum Worlds Warm-Up

Mack Horton at the double - by Delly Carr / Swimming Australia Ltd

Olympic champion Mack Horton, double World champions Mitch Larkin, Emily Seebohm and Bronte Campbell, as well as sprinters Cate Campbell and Cameron McEvoy, the swiftest two-lap freestylers in history, are heading to the Stade Louis II pool below the football stadium to race at the Monte Carlo round of the Mare Nostrum tour on June 10 and 11.

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Whilst an AUS return to Mare Nostrum should be seen as a positive move; a number of key questions remain unanswered.

Are they only swimming Monaco or the full series …. or two of the three stops ?

Is a squad being sent to Santa Clara (traditionally the one US domestic meet where you see any real AUS presence) or has that been shelved in favour of Mare Nostrum ? Not sure it should be either/or; why not both unless Madam Rinehart is getting a little stingy ? With the proposed switch of the AUS season, there is now far more leeway for AUS to make productive use of the full Arena Pro Series ….. but will they be proactive enough to do so ?

What are they doing re Japan Open (usually in May) ? A squad has been sent in recent years but no news so far.

If they’re essentially only doing Mare Nostrum then its really just a case of rearranging the stage furniture rather than making a real step forward.

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