M50 Free: Florent Manaudou Keeps Crown in 21.73 But Flo-Mo Kept For Rio Defence

Florent Manaudou- by Patrick B. Kraemer

Florent Manaudou has been a dominant force in dating about since he claimed Olympic gold in the same London Aquatics Centre waters in which he raced to a 21.73 victory today. Skin of teeth stuff: Andrey Govorov (UKR), 0.06sec away on 21.79, the bronze to Ben Proud (GBR) in 21.85

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Florent suddenly looks mortal in 50 free.
I wonder if Dressel can steal his thunder in Rio.
Also, before this year, in fact, before April, never in a millions years would I think McEvoy has any chance medaling in 50 free, but now it is looking more and more of a possibility.


He looked mortal because he isnt nearly at his best at this point. There is no way anyone should be close to him, especially not Dressel. I just don’t see it. What’s his best time?


Dressel went 21.53 last year.

Will Dressel do a London Florent in Rio?



Stephen Swimming

Dressel still has to qualify and get past arguably the stiffest domestic opposition possible… I still think Adrian and Ervin will be your Olympic qualifiers. If Flo is really disappointed with his time maybe he should look at his approach.

kevin roose

McEvoy did a 21.61 in Japan 10 hour flight from Australia 3 day meet ……impressive


I am almost confident in predicting that Dressel and Adrian will represent in 50 free.


Think Adrian is a fairly safe bet for one US spot; haven’t been convinced by the Ervin of recent times but we need to see whether Dressel is the real deal or another NCAA SCY superstar who doesn’t measure up in the big pool.

As for McEvoy, he’s clearly in the mix but 50’s are unforgiving of any mistake …… and often the most problematic to pick when nobody is clearly above everyone else.


Dressel has proven in the past few years since worlds JR that he can swim LCM too, even if he hasn’t swum too often in LCM.

And we know that Gregg Troy can prepare swimmers for LCM major championships.

For mcEvoy, I’m not saying he will medal, it’s just that now he is in the conversation for a minor medal. It’s something that I have never dreamed of, and you know I’ve been a long time fan of him.


ASF, I think we’re basically on the same page re McEvoy & the 50.

With regards to Dressel, I’m well aware of his LCM swims; my view is just slightly coloured by the ridiculous projections of what he’s going to swim by myopic Americans on some other sites. I certainly see him as a potential major factor; certainly much more so than Ervin.


I agree with you that Dressel has more potential major factor than Earvin.

kevin roose

God you make me laugh i dont know how you can write McEvoy off as a potential gold medalist before the out come of the U.S trials


kevin, I think the question is, Adrian have been 21,37 already, Fratus 21,37 and Manadou 21,19.. We already know what they can do..


do you live in California?


Action speaks louder than words.just let us wait and see who in form at the US olympic swimming trials
And at the olympics . Any one can make predictions but not every one can be on the money.

kevin roose

Thats what makes sport fun making predictions seeing if they come to fruition following your favourites .McEvoy for me is one of my favourites he is a great kid robbed last year of a world title by a drug cheat and i beleive he is capable of doing the 50/100 double Rio .Time will tell but predictions are fun …..

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