M50 Free: Ben Proud The Pride Of Three Lions Squad – 21.92 Win Over McEvoy & Magnussen

Two Commonwealth crowns in 2014, 4th at the Olympic Games in 2016 - what next for Ben Proud? - by Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse for Arena

English teenager Ben Proud became the pride of the Three Lions squad with a 21.92 victory that rattled the cages of visiting Australians with reputations to roast – he beat Australians Cameron McEvoy and James Magnussen

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McEvoy silver in 50 100 200.
When was the last time it happened among male swimmers?

Bill Bell

Proud did a great job and training under the guidance of coach Rudd can only be regarded as a blessing for all concerned. Hoe he fares well @ Berlin and presuming he keeps improving by Rio he could be a definite medal threat

Now about that 100 free!

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