W50 ‘Fly: Sarah Sjostrom Slipstreams To First Ever 50-100 Double In Meet Mark 24.96

Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sarah Sjostrom became the first woman ever to claim the 50-100m butterfly double in 24.96. The Swedish sprinter took down the 25.06 championship record she established in the semi-final yesterday. Coached by Carl Jenner, she remains the only swimmer ever to have cracked 25sec in the dash; silver for Jeanette Ottesen, bronze for Yu Ling

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Wowww… that was huge by Seebohm!

she was employing Larkin’s tactic: stay with the leader through 150, and then killing it in the lat lap.


Sweden is finally releasing Sjostrom from relay duty… a bit too late I’d say, but it’s ok.
I hope they will release her from all relays next year but I know that won’t happen.


Ottesen seems like a nice bubbly girl without being too sugary sweet.
And she’s asked about the incident. She’s ok but her boyfriend was hurt more.


Le Clos redeems himself….super fast 50.56



I agree with you about Le Clos dropping 200 free. Look, Seebohm can also swim 200 IM nice but she decided to drop it and look what fresher legs can do in her core events!

Personal Best

I know this is not an Olympic event, but is it a little odd to put the 50fly and 50free in the same session given the crossover in swimmers?


Numbers shown by Craig are very impressive. Unfortunately this distance is so short that this seemingly insignificant differences in time doesn’t allowed to inexperience person to comprehend the magnitude of Sjostrom’s achievements. After last year record there were some views that Sarah’s extraordinary progress can be explained by short history of competition at this distance and that the previous record was soft. Does this evaluation of Sjostrom’s records still have supporters?


In short, Sjostrom’s 50 fly record is Beamonesque.


I think that word Beamonesque has connotation of something that is so unique that was not expected at all and cannot happen again. This can be hardly applied to Sjostrom and Ledecky. Their results are product of hard work and are in no way an accidental lucky circumstances.


As far as I know, sports fans throughout the years use the term Beamonesque to connotate spectacular world records that are so far ahead of its curve and that are expected to last for decades.

Anyway, even if you can apply “unexpected” to Sjostrom WR. She swam it in this local meet in outdoor pool where no one expected anyone to break WR and the amount of time 24.41 hacked the previous WR was quite shocking, in a manner Bowman destroyed the previous WR.

Also, Bob Beamon entered 1968 Mexico City as strong favorite having won 22 of 23 long jump competition he entered and was expected to break WR.

It is fair if you think that 50 fly WR has a short history. So how do we know it’s significant?
By comparing it with the other women’s 50 distance event with much longer history: 50 free

Get this:
Sjostrom’s 24.41 would have won 2004 Olympics and 2007 World championships in 50 FREE.

As comparison, men’s 50 fly textile record of 22.57 by Schoeman would have only won 50 free bronze in 1991 world championships and 1988 Olympics. After that year, NADA, NO SENOR.

Sjostrom’s 50 fly record would have won EVERY SINGLE USA olympics trials (yes, including the last one 2012) in 50 FREE! excluding rubbersuit 2008 of course.

Visualise this, Sjostrom swimming in 50 fly winning 50 free event in 2004 Olympics, 2007 worlds and in all US olympics trials, against all other 50 free specialist girls De Bruijn, Trickett, Torres, etc

Craig Lord

I don’t read ‘unexpected’ into Beamonesque, all – it is a simple connotation for ‘far out, will take a very long time to beat’ and the record setter may even find it hard to get there again themselves.

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