M4x200 Free: Fraser-Holmes Swaps His Delhi Place To Same Devastating Effect

Thomas Fraser-Holmes - by Ian McNicol

Four years ago, Australia sped to a Games record and gold with Tom Fraser-Holmes up front and inflicting damage from the off by clocking a split that would have won the solo 200m title that year. In Glasgow, he anchored and the effect was as devastating in a battle with SCotland and South Africa

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Great swims by both the Scots and South African quartets. Craig makes an interesting observation that a composite GBR team (best legs from all Home Nations) had a better time than AUS winning time. There certainly IS “the cattle” there for an internationally competitive relay. Issues are whether these performances can/will be replicated away from home and having the right internal culture within the GBR team.

AUS performance – uneven but just good enough on the night. McEvoy had 3 good legs but had an awful last turn and was crying “taxi” 20m from home. Product of a busy program or come-down from 100FS final – who knows ? McKeon – his best swim of the meet. McKendry – OK. F-H – did what needed to be done.

This AUS relay still continues to misfire. they have 3 legs which should have them around “the business end” internationally but finding a reliable 4th leg – and putting it all together still seems elusive.


To be fair to the guys, the girls also misfired in their own relay win.. Alicia Coutts swam a terrible leg, especially when there are alternatives such Mel Schlanger who openly criticised the selection process for this relay squad.


Again, head scratching decision by the aussies coaches.

Why not swim Horton who split 1:45 at junior worlds last year and who is on form in this meet?


Absolutely, disgraceful relay selection. Horton & Schlanger should have been there. If Coutts had been swimming well then they may a point but that’s inexcusable in my opinion. Stuff ups like that will cause friction within the team & give ammunition to critisize Jacco if things don’t go to plan next month.


Australia got away with dubious relay selections in Glasgow, but it would cost them a place in the finals ona bigger stage.

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