M4x100m Medley: 3 Adams & A Chris End England’s 64-Year Australian Drought

New England (l to r): Chris Walker-Hebborn, Adam Peaty, Adam Barrett, Adam Brown [Photo: Craig Lord]

New England. The passion that played out as the race was won will spill into the future, Chris Walker-Hebborn, Adam Peaty, Adam Barratt and Adam Brown young men who have tasted success and will surely be hungry for more.

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Lennart van Haaften

**Peaty did not win 2 individual golds, but Cochrane did.

Craig Lord

Yes – it was rather busy… Cochrane it is 🙂


Fantastic relay from England!

The time 3:31.51 is the exact same time that the French did last year in Barcelona to win the gold after US disqualification.

They may all be a step behind USA’s 400medley relay standards, but if they find their fourth world class swimmer:
– freestyle for British
– breaststroke for France
– backstroke+butterfly a little bit for Australia
– freestyle for Japan

I hope the battle in Rio will give some challenge to USA! Nothing against them, but it would be great to have another 400 medley relay champion (i think USA won all of them so far)

Craig Lord

Jaki – noted 🙂 speedy

wendy Coles

Craig You also have to remember in 1950 there was no butterfly in the 330yds medley relay

England winning with Jack Hale Roy Romain and Pat Kendall time 3.26.3 which at the time was a new Commonwealth record compare that with 4 x 100m of 3:31.51 haven’t we have come a long long way in our sport.

Lane 0

McEvoy got 4 silvers, 2 golds. He swam prelims on the Medley Relay

Craig Lord

Hi Wendy – yes indeed to all that 🙂 Thanks for reminding us of Hale, Romain and kendall


Jaki – USA missed gold in Moscow due to boycott. At Worlds, they were beaten by AUS in 1998, broke in 2001 & 2007. This relay seems to be the one where they sometimes go awry.

Re AUS, if Sprenger’s injury isn’t too bad then it’s likely he’ll last to Rio and probably be competitive/finals standard at worst. A competitive 2nd stringer would be ideal but there doesn’t seem to be one. Backstrokers are “fringe finals” level so a small step up would help. Fly looks the leg where the major haemorrhage is likely.

JAP FS is their Achilles Heel which is precisely where most of their rivals will be coming home hard. FRA – BRS.

GBR certainly HAS put themselves into consideration although they share the same weakness as JAP on anchor leg. My one qualifying issue is Barrett will sustain his standard at this meet. The rest of GBR fly looks ordinary.


That’s a fantastic performance by England!



Adam Barrett is an Interesting case – He hasn’t broken 55 seconds at the age of 20 and didn’t ‘seem’ to treat the sport too seriously. Since going to Loughborough, he has come on leaps and bounds and I think realising his potential has focussed him. He is still young and Improving quickly – Gibson is sure doing a good job on those Lufboro sprinters… Halsall, Barrett and Davies all flying! Tancock back on track, too.

Mike in Dallas

As long as the UK government’s cut in funding remains in place after the lackluster performance of TEAM GB in London in swimming, I just don’t see how elite swimming can continue through to Rio. Certainly these Commonwealth Games indicate the government’s erroneous decision, but I don’t know if it will really change things. It’s still pretty much USA / Oz / France




French swimming is in a terrible state when you look behind the big few. Camille retires – they now have to rely solely on Charlotte Bonnet to step up, if she does not, they have NO world class female swimmer. She is their best freestyler, breaststroker and IM’er.

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