M4x100m Free: France Makes It Six Successive Crowns, Olympic World & European In 3:13

France gold (l-r) Clement Mignon, Fabien Gilot, William Meynard and Florent Manaudou - by Patrick B. Kraemer

France collected a sixth successive crown in the 4x100m freestyle at Olympic, World and European level without relying on its fastesr four this season, William Meynard (49.57), Florent Manaudou (47.64), Fabien Gilot (48.26) and Clement Mignon (48.01) combining for a 3:13.48 victory ahead of teams from Italy and Belgium.

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Times were not so fast. A little surprised by Greece and Belgium. Italy not looking so hot. But it seems Rio time to final will be stronger than kazan. Also 3 new teams are lined up for Rio men relay now.


I suspect Belgium felt like they had something to prove after missing the final in Kazan by 0.03 seconds, and Greece is chasing Rio qualification so they kind of had to go for it when conditions seem right for speed.

kevin roose

i thought France would have went faster and will need to in Rio if they are going to get a minor medal. Australia posted a relay swim of 3.12 this year confirming what everybody already new they are off to Rio.

Craig Lord

This was not the France that will be in Rio… the fastest man at trials on 47 high was missing, for e.g., Kevin: Jeremy Stravius (and Mehdy Metella is No 4 on the clock, too … not there today)

Tony McKinnon

Your world rankings in this event 4×100 freestyle relay do not include the times swam by an Australian ‘A’ & ‘ B’ teams in the special trial on the last day of this years Australian championships.
Australia ‘A’. 3:12.26
Australia ‘B’ 3:14.45

Craig Lord

Tony, thanks: I hid it so my list would show the final result in full for the moment I filed 🙂 The A team is back in the list you can see (and I tweaked the words to reflect that); the B team isn’t there because the list is ‘performers’, not performances (that is a list we don’t display live) – each nation gets just the one entry on ‘performers’, in just the same way individuals get one entry on that score. Club teams from nations are registered as individuals but not national quartets if that is how they are listed at meets.


Craig, Roumenia went 3:16:54 on prelims. Don’t know if other teams have the same situation but that prelims time is the one that allowed them to get into the 4 fastest non qualifiers.

Craig Lord

Thanks rafael, noted and that swim added (full meet will go in later than instant – relays heats not added yet 🙂

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