M4x100 Medley Relay: USA Nails Gold & Meet; Redemption For Kevin Cordes; McEvoy 46.6!

Nathan Adrian (R) of the United States of America (USA) is being congratulated by a teammate after swimming the final leg and finishing first in the men's 4x100m Medley Relay Final during the FINA Swimming World Championships at Kazan arena in Kazan, Russia, 9 August 2015.

What it took Japan to win silver at London 2012 was good for sixth today as the best medley quartets of the year piled pressure on the 3:30 mark in blanket finish led by the USA and its last gold at the helm of the medals table, ahead of Australia and France, Britain locked out. Ryan Murphy (53.05), Kevin Cordes (58.88) Tom Shields (50.59) and Nathan Adrian (47.41) took gold in 3:29.93 and nailed down the team trophy fair and square

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The Aussies should have stuck with David Morgan after his split in the heat swim.. Hadler lost the gold for us

Sabastian Tran

Splitting 51high is ridiculous. What were the selectors thinking???


Splitting 51.9 is a realy is beyond ridiculous when a 16 swam 51.3 flat start and Michael Klim 15 years ago was faster flat start.

Morgan is also showing good form, while we know you-know-who is NEVER.


I dont understand the basis for selecting Hadler when he didnt even break 52s at all during the meet..

Also, if Australia entered mixed free relay, the gold medal tally may have been Australia 8 vs USA 7

craig watson

Agree Hadler cost Aussies the gold and the top swimming nation gong. Hats off to the Yanks. Lucky you have Ledecky in your Squad. Summing up. Disappointing meets for the McEon siblings. Show pony Christian Sprenger. Mack Horton will be better for the experience come Rio. To be fair. This was his first senior major meet. Great meet for the Bomber, Mitch and Bronte. You have done us proud Dolphins.l

craig watson

What a final leg split by thr Professor. He was eating up Adrian with every stroke.

craig watson

Whis is my username INTHEFASTLANE not being published with my comment?

Craig Lord

craig w – probably because you place that and your name in the opposite boxes… would you like it switched?

Rob Da Silva

Amazing swim by the professor.

Rob Da Silva

I think I’ve done the same Craig Lord. My user name is Robbos.

Craig Lord

Robbos – that’s what it will be from now on – all, if you want to change your display name, you can do it in the fields provided when leaving your comment. I can’t change what’s already there.


When predictions were invited for this relay my finishing order was: USA, JAP, AUS. I picked Australia for a medal because I thought its team was in the upward phase of their careers. Well, I was proved 3/4 right! I boldly stated Great Britain would not win a medal because they were overly reliant on Peaty and Walker-Hebborn who had probably already peaked anyway and I was proved right. But then I didn’t have GBR for even a minor medal in the 4 X 200 FS so that just goes to show you……


It’s amazing how Guy can swim a much faster fly leg than Jayden Hadler who is pretty much a fly specialist..


Craig, the name says Robbos!!!!


It worked, thanks Craig.


Verram, we are in big trouble with our butterflyers, I’m hoping Chalmers swims it more seriously, not expecting him to be world beater, just better then 400 metres specialists

Graham Bell

Wouldn’t mind seeing Phelps on the Back or Free legs..

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