M400m Freestyle: Sun Down As Aussie Mack Horton Takes The Crown In 3:41.55

Mack Horton of Australia and the moment he clobbered Sun Yang* - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Mack Horton, of Australia, had already celebrated a golden moment after lunchtime heats, having taken a stand for clean sport. In the final, he drove the knife deeper with a 3:41.55 victory over Sun Yang*, the tainted Chinese defending champion, whose 3:41.68 left him shy but the first man on the podium at these Games towing an asterisk.

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Kazan left doubts in many people’s minds re Horton, and I was one of them. He answered them in the best way possible. Congratulations and fair play to him !

As to the Sun comments; I don’t see them as particularly courageous or meritworthy but he’s a big boy and he made the decision to make them …. time will tell whether they were wise or not


I was also one of them, CW. It looked as if Sun was going to overhaul him on the last 25m and I could not be happier Horton has denied him Gold!

Re Guy – Gutsy swim indeed, Craig, though it has to be said a big disappointment overall today. Both sets of GB commentary team’s have said his focus is the 200m and understandable looking at Kazan. However, I am sure I have heard an interview recently in which Guy highlighted the 400m still as his target. Time will tell.


I watched through the Canadian broadcasting.
They showed slow-mo HD clear footage how the Joao Gomes merrily dolphin kicked his way to the finish.
Even the commentators were astounded he was not DQed.
Jake Packard was robbed of his place in the final.


A 16 yo Thorpe in banana hammock/budgie smuggler would have medaled easily.

Thorpe’s textile WR survived another onslaught.

Tony McKinnon

Commonwombat, your comments re the stance Mack has taken against drug cheats is rather disengenuous, particularly in the present climate. The stance and comments he has made Re Sun deserve to be lorded and supported by all fair minded people. All drug cheats should have a one strike and out for life. For someone like Mack in his position to speak out is both courageous and right. The least people like you and me can do is to support his wisdom and courage. The greatest wisdom of all is the truth.


Tony, what is that admonition that the police give you before questioning “anything you say will be taken down and can/will be used as evidence against you” ? Now that he’s shown a readiness to be a “rent a quote”, the media aren’t going to let him go.

Unless you are 100% certain that everything is squeaky clean in your own kitchen (ie, that each and everyone of your own team mates is 100% squeaky clean), you’re creating a rod for your own back. If ANY Australian, be they swimming or otherwise, tests positive in Rio, guess who’s wearing egg on their face ?

As for regimes as to what


Mack Horton is being trolled by Chinese haters online.



Adrian Moorhouse on the BBC was egging on Horton to beat Yang because of his ban; not something you always hear; commentators are often very reserved.

Tony McKinnon

Commonwombat, I think you are a bit confused that warning is given to people at the time of their arrest at which time the guilt of the person is still in question in Sun Yan case he has been found guilty and a sentence (all be it inadequate) imposed. A sentence that was covered up by China’s national swimming body!!!
Sun and the small group of Russians have been found guilty appropriate punishment needs to be imposed. Punishment needs to fit the crime and society expectations eg if you are caught cheating at University you are excluded.

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