M100 Free: James Magnussen Leads Aussie Sweep Ahead Of McEvoy & D’Orsogna

James Magnussen [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

The time was a secondary the racing key as James Magnussen lead an Australian sweep – the first of the meet – in 48.11ahead of Cameron McEvoy, on 48.34, and Tommaso D’Orsogna, on 49.04

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Bad Anon

Cate Campbelll so smooth in 53.19


Essentially boiled down to a match race between two swimmers a class above everyone else. An AUS clean sweep of the podium but the real value can be discounted given 3rd was 49+. A concern for GBR Swimming would be the lack of competitiveness in this event and consequently any 4×100 relay

Lennart van Haaften

Slow times compared to Aus trials. Le Clos could have won a medal here based on his relay lead-off.


There’s been some quality races and swims at this meet, but let’s be honest…relative to expectations this one was a bit of a dud.


I use to have low expectations… well it was even lower this time.

Magnussen at the time I expected, but rather disappointed by McEvoy’s time.

Anyway, PanPacs should be another story with US!

Personal Best

According to Aussie media, Magnussen admitted he wasn’t at his best and swam to win more than anything. He is focusing on swimming the quickest race at Pan Pacs.

Perhaps there is truth to the thought that he may have been taking it easy and saving the best performance for Pan Pacs. I guess we’ll see.

Steve Thomas

the field was weak and surely better to taper for Pan Pacs in a few weeks where there is real competition!

Craig Lord

You might be right Steve… though I’m not sure one could say Cameron is ‘un-tapered’, at 1:45.5 200 free … won’t be long before we all find out, of course


maybe he is well rested.
Some swimmers can t do two tapers in a short span, so they do a good rest and a full taper.We will see soon.

Craig Lord

Could be… but whatever it is he seemed hit by the 48.3 … 1:45 solo and today a 1:48 opener in the relay


I share the disappointment.
McEvoy particularly looks lethargic. Even his 200 opening leg in the relay…1:48…what happened?


Oh…just wanna ask you guys…
In athletic there is such thing as a fast track and slow track…fast track ebing particularly helpful for athletes to create records.
Is there such thing as fast or slow pool in swimming?
and what factors may contribute to this?
Would love your expert opinions.

Justin Thompson

I would we see some faster times. I can’t imagine that neither of them would be under 48 if fully tapered and maybe with the increased competition we’ll see some faster swims at Pan Pacs.


a shallow pool is a slow pool.A pool without small side drains can create a “tide”.That will kill the guys in lane 1 and 8.Small and flat start blocks can slow the start of sprinters.


Thanks DDias

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