M100 ‘Fly: Laszlo Cseh Lands 1st 100-200 Double Since 1995 50.86CR, 14th Career Gold

Laszlo Cseh of Hungary celebrates after his 100m win - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Silver in 2012, the same in 2014 – gold at the third time of asking for Hungarian Laszlo Cseh, the first man in 21 years to claim the European 100-200m butterfly double. His winning effort, 50.86 is No1 in the world so far this year as Cseh, 30, heads for an Olympic showdown with Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos at Rio 2016.

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I hope he is saving some and still can get faster in Rio. 50.86 would not medal.

Attila Riez

He never gets the first fifty, as he did not this time either, turning third.


I don’t think he cares about the 100 if he wins the 200. Would be awesome if he did.

Felix Sanchez

Big shout asf. Only two active swimmers having gone under that mark – and one of them only once.



All Phelps, Le Clos, Schooling and Cseh themselves can very much possibly swim under 50.86 in Rio.

I was not talking about Cseh the swimmer, I was talking about his time of 50.86.


Which is my way of saying that if Cseh wants to medal in 100 fly, he should be prepared to swim under 50.86

Felix Sanchez

But surely if it’s his chance to medal Cseh the swimmer and the time are the same thing.

Schooling has a good chance of being down there. I even think Czerniak might do it. However, even for Le Clos we can’t be certain of sub-51.

Barnabas Mandi

Le Clos will be able to swim sub-51. And MP And Shields. And Zhuaho. It will be a tough race for Cseh but he will win a medal.

Attila Riez

I am with ITR. His focus is on the 200, and this time has an equal chance to make it. On 100 he will be happy for any medal, like here in London on 50.

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