M100 Fly: Chad Le Clos At The Double But No 50-Point Ahead Of Schooling & Barrett

Chad le Clos [Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse]

Chad le Clos didn’t really need more than a 51.29 world-rankings topper and Commonwealth Games record to make a golden impact; in his wake fine efforts from Joe Schooling, a 51.69 to grant Singapore its first Commonwealth pool medal and England’s Adam Barratt, on 51.93

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Very impressive!

As a matter of fact, his technique is really not the most beautiful in the circuit (especially compared to Phelps), but he has such a high natural speed! Full of talent!

If, one day, he is able to do a race very focused and without his looking around, and eventually improve his technique and fluidity, we might have him better than the 50.4 of Crocker, and already not so far from the shiny 49.8… Future will say!


Le Clos has all the talent to finally break Crocker’ textile record.
And that’s why it’s frustrating to see him swimming the way he does now.


@aswimfan agree… Hope he can learn to control that habit…


If you want to see Chad swim a race without looking around, see him crush the field in Singapore (world cup) whe he broke the 200m fly (SCM) WR going 1:48.56. He was 5 seconds ahead of a world class field, and didn’t need to look as he saw them going in the opposite direction for most of the race. One day he will have a proper error free LCM race, and will break MP’s outstanding record.

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