Los Angeles 2024 Would Need No New Venues But A $5bn Budget To Make It Happen

Photo: Mary T Meagher and the poster that would have to wait four more years until Los Angeles 1984

News Round-Up: “Evaluating Los Angeles’ readiness to host the 2024 Olympic Games takes some imagination. That’s because a lot of the pitch still relies on images on a computer screen, or a blueprint of what’s to come on a dusty construction site.” So begins an Associated Press report from Beth Harris and Michael R. Blood as Olympic bosses pay a visit to a city that last hosted the Games in 1984, after its debut in 1932. Paris is the rival, the French capital having last hosted in 1924 and looking for a cententary celebration.
Photo: Photo: Mary T Meagher and the poster that would have to wait four more years until Los Angeles 1984; Brazil selects 15 for world titles in Budapest this July; and swimmers will have an audience with Pope Francis during the Seven Hills Meet in Rome

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Concur with your very cold blooded view of the LA bid.

There’s an awful lot of rose-coloured nostalgia with regards to the 1984 Games. The facilities weren’t really that crash-hot but the other cold reality is that the Olympics of today are an exponentially larger concern that in 1984.

There were 6829 competitors in LA (of which only 1566 were women !) as against an expected 11300 in Tokyo. 140 countries competed in LA; there were 2014 in Rio. There were 21 sports in LA, there will be 33 in Tokyo.

Your comment re transport and capacity to move people is very pertinent. The LA Metro is most definitely a quantum leap ahead of what was around in 1984 but the London Underground or Paris Metro it most certainly is not; either in regards to size nor proven capacity.

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