London 2016: Gold For Camille Lacourt, Andrey Govorov & Katinka Hosszu

Camille Lacourt of France by Patrick B. Kraemer

European Championships, London, day 2 finals/semis, live updates: Andrey Govorov (UKR) claimed the 50m butterfly crown in 22.92 ahead of Laszlo Cseh (HUN) and Ben Proud (GBR) on 23.31 and 23.34.

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do you know what is happening with the womens sprinters?
They all (heemskerk, kromowidjojo, sjostrom) are noticeable slower tonight than in the prelims. It’s pretty bizarre. Are they that tired?


I just found out the answer (at least for Sjostrom and Kromowidjojo), they are now on the starting block again for the 50 fly final. Bizarre scheduling by LEN.

Constantine Kiachos

In the 100 back you forgot to mention that there are 2 bronze medal winners Apostolos Christou is the other.

Craig Lord

Thanks Constantine – tread-militis rectified 🙂

Craig Lord

Yes, you spotted it asf – but it looked, as you suggest, bizarre… paced 100m swims 🙂


I completely disagree regarding scheduling, who gives a hoot about 50s in an Olympic year.

Craig Lord

no-one, hopefully, dangerpants

kevin roose

Based on that swim cant see Hoszu medalling 200 back Rio , it will be a shoot out between the 2 Australians 2 Americans and Ustinova .


On what grounds do you make that pronouncement. Kevin ? Whilst its a reasonable bet to think Franklin will be “around the money” at minimum in this event; has there been a 2nd American even swimming 2.07s let alone 2.06s in the past 2 years ?

Much will depend on Hosszu’s schedule but I wouldn’t be using this swim to dismiss her from calculations. Nobody, including the Australians, have dropped any spectacular times 200back times so far this year and whilst she’s have liked to be 2.06, this swim has her very much “in the ball-park” with the other contenders.

Tim Lamko

@aswimfan, The Dutch needed to go faster in the prelims, because of only 2 from each country can advance. They knew the would reach the final with a paced swim

Craig Lord

Not just the Dutch, Tim – if 100m semis can be ‘paced’ at over 54 in 2016, they are also fairly pointless.

Felix Sanchez

If she has the right schedule Hosszu will be a medal contender in 200back. It might be emerging as her best non-medley event. Don’t forget Zueva too; more and more evidence of swimmers able to do a Clijsters and bounce back from motherhood.


I agree with CL re:women’s 100 free semis. I was watching it on europsort live on very large screen 4k HD tv, and I thought something was not right when top sprinters like sjostrom, kromowidjojo, heemskerk etc swam really “tight” and not “loose”. It was pretty bizarre. Can you really pace 100 free these days? especially at a top competition like euro championships?

For example, Heemskerk in the prelims swam very fast and “loose” and only took her feet off in the final few meters when she made sure she was far ahead of anyone else. In the semis, she didn’t even seem swimming relaxed.
Craig probably has better description since he was there.

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