London 2012 Olympic Retests Produce 23 Positive Doping Tests: 6 Nations, 5 Sports

After 31 athletes tested positive for banned substances in retesting of Beijing 2008 samples, 23 competitors have gone the same way with re-analysis of London 2012 tests, Olympic bosses announced today. The 2012 samples are from five sports and six countries.

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I wonder why only 265 were retested.


It does seem odd. It focused on athletes going to Rio who also competed in London. But 265 can only be a fraction of that. 23 positives out of 265 is about 9%. So we can extrapolate that 9% of athletes from London who will be in Rio will have a positive (untested) sample from London?

Craig Lord

Yes, aswimfan, it would be good to know the sample list and what intelligence was used to collate that list…

Jorge Abril



Likely for the bulk of them to be track & field athletes from the former Soviets plus Turkey, which was having massive issues at that time. (Note: something like 6 of 10 athletes in the women’s 1500 meters that year have either had positive drug tests or biological passport irregularities at this point- Morgan Ucenny really should have picked herself up after her fall because the bronze could have eventually indeed rolled down to her because 11th across the line and clean might have done it)

I’d guess 1-3 swimmers and wouldn’t be surprised if the number fro maquatic sports is zero.

Craig Lord

Jorge, there won’t be any official lists until the athlete, NOCs etc have been informed – it took a few days on the Beijing samples, so next week unless the athlete/NOC etc reveal the names themselves.


They retested 454 Beijing samples and 265 London samples.

You would think they retested more London samples since more London medalists are likely to compete in Rio. It is quite strange.


It could be that there were things they couldn’t detect in a test in 2008 but were detectable by the time 2012 came around. If the test for banned substance QWE came out in 2011, then they would have been looking for QWE in real time in London, but would have had to retest old sample for QWE from 2008 in order to find or not find the same drug.

Plus, the time window for an disciplinary actions and placing reassignments for Beijing 2008 runs out in a couple months so there could have been a wish to be as comprehensive as possible before results effectively are set in stone.

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