Live Updates From Day 6 Prelims at World Champs

Be sure to stay with SwimVortex during the morning preliminary session of the 15th FINA World Championships for constant updates as action unfolds.

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Oi vey! The sorry state of swimming in Australia, Great Britain and South Africa. Yes, they have handful of stars who win medals, but in terms of overall performance they are failing horribly. But then again they are administered by a bunch of incompetent old farts who will, no doubt, be at the airport to welcome back the medalists whilst patting themselves on the back for a job well done. I don’t think so!


Heads will roll in Australia.
Not qualifying for final m 4×200 is unthinkable, what with having 9 swimmers at 1:47 or faster.

The choices made by australian coaches have been stupid also.


Craig, where is your live updates from Day 6 final?

It’s almost 10 minutes to the hour!

And swimswam is down.


Cate Campbell is so impervious!

And did anyone get to see her first 50?



But unlike Morozov, Cate is able to bring that kind of first 50 insanity home.


The South Africans are doing fairly well given half their international A squad is swimming at the US Open this week instead.

Mike in Dallas

As I commented elsewhere, I really find it incredible that the Aussies could not put together a 4 X 200 free relay that even QUALIFIED for the finals!

We all knew of the Aussie men’s problems AT London and the FALLOUT which came down AFTER London, but we are not in London.

I am beginning to believe all the commentary that there is a SYSTEMIC problem with the high performance program in Australia.

I am just AMAZED!


Not qualified?

Australia’s women 4×200 won silver, and had it not been for Missy’s SMASHING leg, Australia would have won it or at least very close.

As for the men’s 4×200, I blame it on the coaches’ selection. They could have qualified easily in the top 3 had they swum either Harrison, Fraser-Holmes or McEvoy instead of McKeon or Graham. They knew that McKeon was really off this meet, based on his 400, and yet they still swam him.

If Australia is having SYSTEMIC problem its high performance program and still won 3 individual golds and counting -only USA and China has more and Australia will never again top China, due to the size of population- then can you imagine if there is no problem in Australia.

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