Live-Streamed Euro Meet Set To Put Mireia Belmonte & Katinka Hosszu Back In Touch

Back to Battling: Mireia Belmonte Vs Katinka Hosszu - main image by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Euro Meet in Luxembourg from Friday to Sunday will feature the first clashes of Olympic season between Mireia Belmonte, the double Olympic silver medallist of London 2012 for Spain, and Katinka Hosszu, the Hungarian heading for a fourth Games in search of her first Olympic medals in Rio this August.

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The 400 IM race will be fantastic. Hosszu will be fast as always, but we’ll see how Belmonte and Miley respond to her, despite at different stages of training.

I hope Cseh will finally get an Olympics gold this year, but I think he will get a minor medal…. again.


Hosszu wasn’t fast as always in Nice. Her Austin performance wasn’t that spectacular neither. So maybe her 2016 ‘as always’ is kind of different from ‘as always’ of 2015.


It would be amazing for Laszlo to bring home a gold medal from Rio.

If I was him I would drop the IM completely and focus purely on the fly.

Even with the focus on fly it is not going to be easy. He is going to face the GOAT once again, CLeC and young Singapore gun Joseph just to name few.

Good luck Laci.

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