Lioness Of Verona Federica Pellegrini Pounces At Last Stroke For 4th Bite By 0.04

(R-L) Winner Federica Pellegrini of Italy and Femke Heemskerk of the Netherlands soak up the result - by Patrick B. Kraemer

European Championships London, Day 6 We’ve seen it before, the Lioness of Verona stalking her prey before pouncing. She cut it fine today but when Federica Pellegrini (ITA) started to motor 10m out as Femke Heemskerk (NED) started to show the first signs of vulnerability, the hunt was on. It looked life the defender had…

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I’m so lucky I got to watch both greatest ever 200 free female swimmers: Pellegrini and Almsick, and especially their finest swims ever, coincidentlally swum in the same city: Rome, 1994 for van Almsick in lane 8 and 2009 for Pellegrini in lane 4.

Although I must give van Almsick’s swim as my most favorite 200 free swim, that swim has everything: drama in the prelims and afterwards, exhilaration, guts, amazing swim, super villains, and victory for the heroine.


By the way, I should stop commenting on Heemskerk’s swim when it matters. I just hope she consults with sports psychologist or someone that can help her overcoming this mental hurdle.

kevin roose

Shane Gould the greatest …….

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