Lilly King Assumes Throne In 100 Breaststroke & In Support Of Clean Sport

Winner Lillia KING (L) and third placed Catherine MEILI of the United States of America (USA) celebarte after competing in the women's 100m Breaststroke Final

On a crusade for clean sport, Lilly King backed up her criticism of Yuliya Efimova by defeating the Russian for gold in the 100 breaststroke.

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King certainly walked the walk. She was not going to be denied. When Efimova came level, she was ready to respond. A real fighter. How does Meili feel? What should have been her silver medal has gone to someone who should not have been there, and everyone knows it. What next for Meilutyte; three second off her best, will she still have the will to try and climb back to the top?


It’s very hard for female breaststrokers to remain at the top more than one Olympics cycle, due to changes in body shape.
And the only ones in the past 40 years who have done it in three olympics cycle are Leisel Jones and Amanda Beard.

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