Liam Tancock, World Pacesetter, On What It Takes & How Britain Caught The Fast Wave

Liam Tancock, still in the swim with Swimzi, looks back on what it took to be a winner

Liz Byrnes caught up with 2009 and 2011 world champion and world record holder Liam Tancock during the recent British Championships. The backstroke ace now not in the race but still in the swim, with Swimzi, reflects on what it took to be a winner and how Britain caught the fast wave. “I reckon it’s probably down to mindset. I was one of those people who went to the big meets and performed: I loved it. It didn’t matter about the result through the year, it was about the result at the end of the year, that major meet. Mindset is a really strong asset to have and I think that is definitely one of my strengths. I didn’t care who I was racing”

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Very interesting and informative piece, Liz, and am very impressed by both Tancock’s attitude and perspective/intelligence.

No country can just blindly copy another’s system and hope for identical solutions. Like in law, every case has its own specific set of facts and circumstances and in swimming these include the size of one’s talent base; the national economy; demographics; geographical location as well as levels of public sector support/capacity for private sector investment.

Having said that, GBR are certainly proving a model that probably all swimming nations who are NOT the USA should be closely studying and seeing what can be adapted to their own situations. And I AM extending that up to and including the likes of AUS who are still seemingly drifting in the parallel reality that they are still the 2nd biggest fish in the pond rather than just one of a number of sizeable fish

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