‘Let Me Embrace Thee, Sour Adversity’: How Bowman Hooks Shakespeare To Swimming

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps by Patrick B Kraemer

In Part 2 of our review on The Golden Rules by Bob Bowman, with Charles Butler, we consider the mentor, coach and leader’s take on adversity, failure and how to convert both to fuel

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I am sorry but I can’t shake the feeling of reading a review about a self-help book. The 10 Steps, the Method … categorize and quantify everything, soooo American



I thought the same way too, lol

Craig Lord

Sooo cynical; sooo Asian, sooo European… but that would be daft, too 🙂


Come on Craig, I ain’t being cynical. I am sure Mr Bowman has a lot to share. I just don’t care much for the format, so to speak. And you must admit that the effort to put life lessons in a definite (round) number is a trend that is typical of the guys “across the pond”. 🙂

Craig Lord

It may well be a trend Therealuigi: I do make that point, in fact … tons of the stuff and most of it very ignorable. Here we’re talking about a book I read – and none of the rest of you have, as yet – and we’re talking Bob Bowman. The book certainly offers guidance … but not in the quantitative/pigeon-hole and follow-these-dots-and-you-won’t-get-lost way you suggest. It isn’t in the genre of the kind you suggest: he’s compiled a list of signposts with metaphors that many could learn from (swimming and plenty of other realms); he provides valuable insight into how Michael Phelps got to where he is (and others got to where they are)… and does not suggest that we can all do the same if we follow steps 1 to 10 but suggests that whatever your goal, these 10 ‘rules’ can keep you on the path to your goal. He takes us on a tour of the places where people with fine potential (many realms) fall shy (and says what they might do about that) – and that can be very valuable information to those who see how and where they might apply it.


Agreed I didn’t read the book, Craig. Which is why my comment was about the feeling I got from the review, not the book. I take your word on it being a book worth reading and will look for it on the shelves.

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