Lawrie Cox 5; Swimming Victoria 1: Tribunal Backs Right Of Official To Have His Say

Lane lines and the law - photo by Patrick B. Kraemer

Editorial: when Lawrie Cox returns to his duties as a director of the Board of Swimming Victoria on March 28 after what the regional federation must surely regard as a somewhat pyrrhic six-months suspension, both he and the blazerdom about him will know that Cox – and not his accusers – emerged from a tribunal hearing the winner. Tied for first place with him will be the rights and responsibilities of officials who speak up when things are go awry. The case of Swimming Victoria Vs Lawrie Cox effectively sends a green light to anyone serving on a commission or committee to act according to their conscience as a private individual

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David de Vlieger

Does anybody have a link to the reasons?

Craig Lord

David, the document in full is not online as far as I’m aware. I may be able to help you, depending on what you mean when you say ‘reasons’… (most of those are listed in the article)

David de Vlieger

Thanks Craig, No worries – was looking for the actual reasons for decision issued by the tribunal.

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