Laszlo Cseh Looks Forward To The Chop & Crop Of Summer With A 51.40 january Flyer

Laszlo Cseh - a giant of longevity - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hungarian ace Laszlo Cseh made it four solo meet records with a dominant display of intent beyond the Euro Meet in 51.40 over 100m butterfly as the three-day speed test came to a close in Luxembourg

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paolo rubbiani

Laszlo has the speed (23.50 in the 50) and the endurance (yesterday 29.04 on last 50 of 200 fly 20 minutes after a 1.59.0 in the 200 im) in the fly.
Great times coming for Laszlo ( a “fanta-prediction” for Rio: 50.5 in 100 fly and 1.52.6 in the 200 fly).

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