Kylie Masse Drops Canadian Mark in 100 Back (59.06); USA’s Ryan Murphy Pops 52.57

Kyle Masse, at Universiade, with Liz Pelton last year (TV still)

While Kylie Masse took the Canadian record in the 100 backstroke down to 59.06, American Ryan Murphy took advantage of his status as an international racer in the B Final with a 52.57 outing in the 100 back.

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Canada’s 4×100 medley is suddenly entering solid medal potential conversation.

…And the Australian Trials is starting..
Excellent coverage and great Youtube streamig for the prelims.


I LOVE this female commentator at the Australian trials prelims coverage, she has so much insights and info.
Who is she?
She doesn’t sound like NIcole Livingstone.




Ah..Libby Trickett.. of course.. thanks!


TFH looked incredibly smooth in 400 IM in 4:16. Alicia Coutts swam fast 57.63 but huffing and puffing at the end so I don’t think she will go sub 57, but we’ll see. On the other hand, Emma mcKeon has a great chance going sub 57 for the first time.

As usual, both Horton and Mckeon in predictable easy 3:44 and 3:45, the sort of times they will have to swim in Rio prelims, but most likely won’t, especially for mcKeon (Horton was reportedly ill in Kazan, so I will give him a pass). Hackett is through in 3:47. Incredible time for an almost 36 yo, but I will be surprised if he get more than 1 second faster in the final.


Cam mcEvoy got his meet warm up in 50 fly prelims in 23.57 which is a new PB by almost half second. Granted he rarely swim the 50 fly, but this is a great sign for his 50 and 100 free.


Overall, CAN Trials have been a pleasant surprise and the CAN women, especially, look to be a growing international force.

Olesniak’s 100fly time, in particular, may outstrip any time in this event from AUS Trials and Ashwood is probably the only likely candidate to better McLean’s 400free.

Whilst Masse’s time is shy of putting her into “contender” status; another incremental improvement would most likely see her make the 100back final.


with 59.06, Masse does not need to make further improvement just to make final in Rio. But maybe you meant to medal?

Bad Anon

It took 1.00.25 just to make semis @ London Olympics; 59.63 to make finals in Kazan; Rio will be faster I reckon 1.00flat for a second swim 59.30 -59.50 to make top 8. What were Masse’s splits for her 59.06? 59.00 fast becoming the new minute. high time Emily cracks 58


ASF, methinks the event will take a significant step up this year.

-There is every possibility of 3 sub59s at AUS Trials, the winner may be 58 very low
– Hosszu has 58s to her name.
– Ditto Nielsen.
– The Brits have a group of sub minute ladies, not out of the question that 1-2 of them may make a stride forward to at least 59low.
– Will one of the Chinese step up ?
– The Americans ?

Ergo, methinks a sub59 may be needed to be sure of a finals berth in Rio


I agree that w100back will step up in Rio, but I don’t think it will be necessary to go sub 59 in the semis to qualify for final, unless you don’t want to be in outside lanes.

It took 59.71 to final in Kazan, by the way. I think it will take around 59.3-59.4 to final in Rio.


The geoblock for the Canadian trials final sessions has been removed and is now available worldwide. 7pm ET. Feed:
If you experience problems with Firefox, try Chrome as it has been fine.


Thanks Ger!

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