Kyle Chalmers On Road To Recovery After Giving Double Thumbs Up To Heart Surgery

Kyle Chalmers - courtesy of Swimming Australia

Olympic 100m free champion Kyle Chalmers has given a “double thumbs up” social-media response to after emerging from surgery on his heart; coach Matt Brown says his young Aussie charges can learn from the Chinese swimmers he coaches part-time in a squad that includes Ning Zetao*

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I agree, Ning Zetao lost his right to train in Australia and mentor young athletes when he crossed the line and ingested and tested positive for clenbuterol and was banned for a year.

I cannot understand how any coach of sane or rational mind could think that holding up a previously drug fuelled “World Champion” as an example to young athletes is a good thing.

Coaches should take a stand for clean athletes by not supporting known and clear drug cheats that come to train from other countries, irrespective of the 30 pieces of silver on offer.

Matt Brown could be unwittingly supporting doping as we know from the latest reports the Chinese still have a major problem with doping and conducting doping tests on athletes who’s whereabouts are in flux is problematic.


I’m neither going to praise Brown not condemn him as his situation is somewhat different to that of Cotterall at Miami in the past.

Firstly, Brown’s new situation at Parkinson is NOT a Podium Training Centre (Miami WAS, as was Brown’s Nudgee College squad a few years back) so it is NOT receiving SAL funding, nor at this stage even any Queensland Academy of Sport money. At this point, he is operating at a level quite a deal below with no elite squad.

At the end of the day, he has to be able to feed himself/his family & pay the bills so beggars can’t necessarily be choosers. Were it the case that he was playing both sides of the line in taking both SAL/QAS money PLUS Chinese money, then I’d take a different view.

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