Kyle Chalmers In 49.3 Tune-Up In Adelaide As James Magnussen Gets Set For Race Return

Kyle Chalmers

As a wave of Dolphins prepare for battle at the Victoria State titles tomorrow and James Magnussen prepares for his race comeback, Kyle Chalmers, the 17-year-old sprint wonder from Down Under, tuned up for a season that looks set toy include his Olympic debut with a 49.30 victory in the 100m freestyle on the second day of the South Australia State titles in Adelaide

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Lawrie Cox

To anyone viewing the live stream of Vic Champs. As a Board member at Swimming Victoria our staff do an excellent job in getting the information out and make the event accessible. If you have any feedback on the service we would appreciate so that where possible it can be improved.


A name to watch in the future:
Brandon Riley, 12 yo, South Australia


Lawrie Cox,

I am watching the livestream of the final right now. I wish it had HD (720p) instead of current max 480p.
Because there are only two stationary cameras which only shoot from a far, without HD option, it’s difficult to view individual swimmer with details.

And I am surprised the commentators are quite good and informative for a state level championships.

Overall, I am thankful that I can watch a live streaming of such good quality event.

Lawrie Cox

Thanks for that aswimfan. Will pass it on. Please understand that we have funded this from a State level organisation so the more following it and providing feedback the better. Thanks to those who followed already. Including Craig who I note was complaining about snow!

Craig Lord

I’m not complaining about the snow, Lawrie 🙂 … it is stunningly beautiful here this morning, crisp and even, blue sky, white landscape … Nice to see folk in t-shirts, though 🙂

Lawrie Cox

Sorry when you said depth didn’t take into account the rest. Whilst it appears nice been very stormy in Melbourne today. ?

Craig Lord

As you know, I like depth, Lawrie 🙂 I see the sun and cloud on the live stream… always nice to see and hear, you get closer to the feel of the day – well done with all that.

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