Kosuke Hagino Vs Daiya Seto Show Back On The Road In Speedy Tokyo Comeback

Kosuke Hagino and Daiya Seto - brothers in speedy swimming - courtesy of the top swim site with its eye on the water in Japan, tobiuojapan.org (twitter)

Kosuke Hagino passed his first comeback test with flying colours in battle with Daiya Seto at the Tokyo Championships this weekend seven months after fracturing his elbow in a fall on training camp in Europe. Lining up with domestic sparring partner and World champion Seto over 400m medley, Hagino emerged the winner 4:11.38 to 4:12.98, then the 200m medley, Hagino on 1:57.73, Seto on 1:57.95. Rikako Ikee on form; and Kosuke Kitajima, the ripples flow

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Glad that Mr. Hagino seems to be recovering well. Good performances by him and Mr. Seto in the medleys. I am very glad that Mr. Masuda is still swimming, same as Mr. Kitajima. Mr. Nakamura seems to have taken over as the prime sprinter in Japan. Any news about Mr. Shioura? Does he continue training in Europe? Good time for Ms. Hoshi in 200m butterfly. Japan has a very strong team; for some reason they did not perform top notch consistently last year in Kazan. I find it interesting that if 4x200m medley relay existed, Japan would be at the top of the list in the male version of that race. And I think that, together with Australia and Great Britain, they have a good chance of having a great race in the male 4x200m freestyle relay in Rio.

Craig Lord

Yes, Shioura with ADN, for33


If there’s men 4×100 and 4×200 breast, the competition between Japan and GBR will be breathtaking.

And Kitajima is still swimming 1:00 and 2:10 in season at the age of 33, 16 years after he finished fourth in Sydney Olympics!
Yet another evidence of the greatest male breaststroker ever.

If KItajima qualifies for Rio (not likely, but still possible), he will join a very short list of swimmers who swam in Sydney 2000 and will likely swim in Rio:
Phelps, George Bovell and Alshammar.

I don’t think Earvin will make it. Am I forgetting anyone else?



If there’s men 4×200 medley, USA will be the favorite for gold:
Murphy/Clary – Cordes – Phelps – Lochte.

After breast, Japan and USA may touch the wall at the same time, but Phelps in the fly leg will be at least 1 second faster than Seto, and I don’t think Hagino would be able to close the gap with Lochte in anchor.


Rikako Ikee is still 15 yo, she doesn’t turn 16 until July this year.

I just hope she can grow taller and stronger though, at 5’6″ and 121 lbs it would be tough to compete with the amazonian sprinters the likes of Sarah and Cate, unless you are really strong the likes of Libby.

Craig Lord

Yes 16 this year, as stated, aswimfan… slight, flight and strong – power to weight, flat-lining… she seems to have qualities that could help her be a standout flyer.


@ ASF,

I believe there is one more man who has a good chance to represent his country in Rio and (not only) competed also in Sydney. He was the second person after Alex Popov with gold-gold-silver in 3 consecutive Olympics…

paolo rubbiani

Great times By Rikako Ikee. She’s going on her increasing trajectory upon an interesting spectrum of races (from 50 to 200 free, and 50 and 100 fly). Already after watching her swimming at Junior Worlds in Singapore last August, I was pretty impressed: I think that she will become a factor also at senior level.



Of course! I totally forgot about Grant Hackett. Silly me.

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