Kosuke Hagino Triples: Fighter Punching Beyond Height & Weight Ready For Rio

Japan's Kosuke Hagino, by Aniko Kovacs

Japan’s Kosuke Hagino leaves the pre-Olympic race trail ahead of Rio 2016 with more confidence in his kit bag after the French Open ended in Vichy with a triple triumph across the range of freestyle, medley and backstroke. Next stop: Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in the 200m medley, well into the program in Brazil a month from now.

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I’m very impressed with Lee Clos’ 1:46.6 in an Italian meet two days ago. His freestyle looked very very good. Definitely in the play for a medal.

Craig Lord

Yes, No 19 on ranks but he’ll need to step up a bit from that, asf… going to take 1:44 for the podium

kevin roose

Aswimfan that is more ludicrous than Chalmers swimming the 50 ….to think that Lee Clos would beat Guy, Hagino , Dwyer and Mcevoy and Bierdermann for a medal in the 200 ??????


You are right. It’s ludicrous if LEE CLOS would beat any of those swimmers!

mark schwartz

Jazz Carlin seems to have been stuck at 4:05 for quite a while. A number of swimmers have leapfrogged over her. I am not too sanguine about her prospects in Rio

Craig Lord

I think if she arrives at the blocks in fine shape, you’ll be surprised, while the scenario you paint applies to quite a few swimmers heading to Rio, including a good sprinkling on the US Olympic team just chosen, Mark. Since she set her best, only 2 swimmers have ‘leap-frogged’ over her on the clock, Van Rouwendaal and Smith (over three years). Meanwhile, Jazz has 14 sub 4:05s to her name, including 8 sub-4:04.5s. Her 4:04.33 at GBR trials was established in very difficult circumstances in which she overcame. That was off a partial rest – and all other swims this year have been swum unrested. She has more speed to come if all goes well.

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