Kosuke Hagino Strikes Again: 1:45.5 200 Free; Olympic Tickets For Watanabe, Ikee & Irie

Kanako Watanabe by Patrick B. Kraemer

The 200m freestyle at Japanese Championships and Olympic trials in Tokyo today may well be all about the relay but at 1:45.50, Kosuke Hagino finds himself at the helm of the world rankings and just 0.36 off the pace of the 2015 world title won by Britain’s James Guy; and there were Rio tickets for Kanako Watanabe, at the helm of three 1:06s in the 100m breaststroke; Ryosuke Irie, at the helm of four 53s in the 100m backstroke; and a national record of 1:57 in the 200m freestyle from 16-year-old Rikako Ikee

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Dan smith

kosuke hagino is back. Can he go 1:44. We will see. The women are ahead now as both sjostrom and ledecky have swum 1:54 which is equivalent to a 1:44 among men. But sjostrom especially has dipped below 1:55 multiple times (3 times I think) and has had a 1:53 relay spli while ledecky has dipped below 1:55 once.still they are both more impressive than what the guys are producing for now. I wonder, without agnel are there any current 1:44 candidates?
Sun yang?
James guy?
Kosuke hagino?

Those 3 seem to be at the forefront of the 1:44 realm.

But oh boy hagino sure knows how to close races, closing in 26.54. The same way he closed to beat sun yang at the Asian games.

In the 400im, if he,s able to hold his pace while going out hard and closing fast while holding his pace, I see a 4:06 or so.


Rio will be won in 1:44 low.. at the minimum. So if Kosuke can’t do that, he won’t win 200 free gold.

Kosuke closed 200 free in 26.54?
That’s nothing.
Compared to Sun Yang who, in 2011 Shanghai, closed 1,500 in 25.9

But that was in his Trimetzidine days, so who knows how fast he can close now.

Lennart van Haaften

I think Ikee is 0.02 off the NR in the 200 free, if it is still held by Haruka Ueda. And she’s still 15, but will be 16 during the Olympics.


The fact that this girl who is primarily a sprinter clocked a new NR in the 200 (or went close, as LvH says) tells more about the state of the W 200 free in her country than it does about her. Still, 1:57 is a fantastic time for a 15 year old.

Craig Lord

Youth standard, Lennart. The missing link no longer missing 🙂

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