Kosuke Hagino Knocks At The Door Marked ‘Lochte & Phelps, 1:54, With 1:55.0 AR/NR

Kosuke Hagino [Japan TV still at the time he broke his elbow in 2015]

roar and an upset brought the penultimate day of action in Tokyo to a close when Kosuke Hagino cracked the Japanese 200m medley record with a 1:55.07 blast down toward the territory occupied on the clock by three-times Olympic champion Michael Phelps and American teammate and world record holder Ryan Lochte; Hiromasa Fujimori gets second berth ahead of Daiya Seto; and Rie Kaneto set 2:19 Japanese record in the 200m breaststroke, world champion Kanako Watanabe home 2nd for a ticket to Rio Olympics

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I think it’s good that Seto will not swim 200 IM in Rio, so he can be fresh for 200 fly.
I think 200 fly bronze is within his reach.

Felix Sanchez

But surely 200fly is done and dusted before the 200IM starts.


Oopss.. You are right, Felix

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