KOC Gives Way, Park Tae-hwan To Race In Rio After CAS Rules Banned Swimmer Back In

Yonyap started its report of Park Tae-hwan's third win in Gwangju at 2016 Olympic trials with the word 'Disgraced'

The Korean Olympic Committee will come to a decision on Park Tae-Hwan’s appeal to be included in the nation’s team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) hands down a ruling on the status of a domestic code designed to keep those who fall foul of anti-doping rules from competing at the Games following their positive test.

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In my opinion there needs to be a rule that is the same for everybody, if you cheat or take any drug that gives you an unfair advantage you are banned for life.

Craig Lord

Yes, gheko: the only way. ultimately, if they are serious about having drug-free sport. The maximum period for a Disqualification Order under the Company Director Disqualification Act 1986 in UK is fifteen years, and the average ban during 2010-2011 was 6.1 years (about the average for many recent years). Disqualification reasons stem to the criminal but also include the hurt a rogue director does to others. Doping is similar – national governments could do much more to recognise this in national laws; and international sports governance could also do far more to incorporate such seriousness in the realms of their ‘zero-tolerance’ promise.


Looks like he is going, not sure how reliable the link is

Craig Lord

Yes, indeed – file updated with decision and link to ruling
and what it means to others:

Blah Blah

Should make the races more exciting.

Craig Lord

No it won’t Blah Blah – doping is a scourge not a gain. Let that be your last comment on that – we’ve been here before Blah and your destiny on this website will be the same…
Here’s what the swimmers think:
Tweet liked by Greg Paltrinieri and James Guy…
“As @park_taehwan joins Sun on list of banned but back @Rio2016 @Jimbob95goon @_mackhorton @greg_palt in a war zone”
That’s how many feel about it. And that’s how we feel about it at this website.


Stinky! Nasty! I think when I watch the 400 freestyle olympic final on TV I´m going to puke.
* Vs. *: Is this a joke or what? No way.
Please, Horton, Detti, Connor1, Connor2, … , WHOEVER: SMASH THESE GUYS UP!!!


This is the same guy who was DSQ in the 400 freestyle heats for an early start at the last olympics. And then he was requalified. WHY????? Beacause he was the olympic reigning champion? Very unfair. In fact unbelieve
And then came the drugs suspension.
Give your medals back pal. What do you want them for? You know perfectly they are not yours

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