Kings of Consistency – Sprint Freestyle: Where Flo-Mo, McEvoy & Adrian Hold Sway

Cameron McEvoy and the big lad a second away, Kyle Chalmers, 17 - by Steve Christo, courtesy of Swimming Australia Ltd

After we started our month-long countdown to racing in Rio with a look at some of the most significant swims of Olympic season so far on the clock, we turn our attention to consistency; the rate at which contenders stack up quality efforts in the top 10, top 20 and top 25 performances.

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I do wish to see McEvoy better his 100m time from trials. Would be astonishing to have someone crack 47.0 and potentially beat the WR from the supersuit area.

Craig Lord

Yes, ITR, be good to see – the Olympic final perhaps not the place we’ll see it… 1976 the last Games at which the world record fell in the final.


Correction, Craig:
“World champion Ning Zetao (CHN) and Jeremy Stravius (FRA) are the only others to have cracked 48 this year”.
Luca Dotto went 47.96 leading off the relay at Italian Nationals in April (and setting a new Italian record in the process).

Craig Lord

Thanks ThereaL: relay performance ‘green’ and counting long after the report 🙂


Since Magnussen had never swum anywhere near his 47.10, I got increasingly pessimistic that 46.91 will ever be breached in the next decade. But mcEvoy swam 47.04 and then Cate did the almoat unthinkable and break WR and my hope rejuvenated.


In the 100, the issue will be whether McEvoy can/will replicate his Trials time or whether he will come back to the field and be swimming 47mid.

Scenario 1 = exceedingly high probability of victory; scenario 2 = victory still highly possible but its essentially “game on” as his competition are now in the game. I think we need to accept that both are equally valid/likely scenarios.


CW, but what is the competition, including Adrian are not able to swim up to their trial time? Why is it only a possibility for Aussies to not swim up to their trial times & others swim above their trial time!!!!!
For what it’s worth, I expect McEvoy to swim faster & go the world record & the question for me is whether Adrian can/will replicate his trial time & comes under threat from Chalmers/Zing for silver?


That was Zetao Ning, not Zing, my apologises.

kevin roose

i just think Mcevoy is hurting inside getting beaten by the Chinese guy at the worlds and its not gonna happen twice ….now maybe some body else might beat Mcevoy but it wont be the cheat……

kevin roose

Chalmers has got to be happy being around Mcevoy and Magnussen absorbing the experiences they have been thru ….great education for the young kid ……..really keen to see what he can do in Rio

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