Kings of Consistency – 200-1500 Freestyle: Guy, Horton, Paltrinieri & Co In A War Zone

James Guy The Man, at 19 a world champion - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Rio 2016 – men’s 200-400-1500 free. Impossible to ignore the backdrop. At the helm of the 200m world rankings is the asterisk that highlights the issue set to haunt the Rio Olympic Games, one that sits right there at the heart of the 200, 400 and 1500m events in the pool: doping. Facing Sun* and Park*

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Judging by changes in body shape (more muscular) and visible different stroke, it does seem Yang is focusing on 200-400 this year. That, plus the fact he hasnt swum sub 14:40 since 2012.

Craig Lord

Yes, I think that probable, asf. His heart might let him down though, given the long-term sickness he’s supposed to have suffered throughout years of covering 80k plus in water a week.

kevin roose

if you are a Australian swimming fan big race first night of finals Horton 400 Free …
Could mean 2 gold medals to kick start the campaign….first night …..
I am vey nervous for Horton cause you just dont know what you are going to get ….
Lets hope he learnt some valuable lessons from The World Titles Last Year …..
if he does well he could play a part in the 4 x 200 free as well.

Craig Lord

First day heats will give us a big clue, Kevin.

kevin roose

Yes i love the first days heats of a major championship because it gives you a feel of how certain countries are feeling….
For example if Australians Emma Mckeon , Fraser -Holmes, Horton, Evans , Packard are producing fast heat times then generally you would think the whole team is in fine fiddle…..
The heats start midday Rio time yes? Well as in the past they have started at 10 am local times. This later time you would think overall should result in faster heat times …..i would be interested in your guys thoughts on that ….


The 1500 is the only one of the three that has some semblance of clarity with regards to favouritism. Its very hard to go past Paltinieri.

The 200 looks a complete lottery and the 400 not a great deal clearer. The 200 has been a relatively slow race for the past couple of years with Sun’s 1.44.8 the only sub 1.45 since 2013. Craig’s surmisal of “those who swim 1.44s will have medals” is one with which I full concur.

Sun remains a massive player in both races but, doping matters aside, there is a massive “will he/won’t he” aura regarding his entire racing persona. Horton can swim the times whilst not under pressure but his capacity to do so under pressure remains unclear.

Richard Stevens

Things are heating up in the pool with Rio looming large. Diving into ‘favourite talk’ is choppy water time! Anyone dare predict medallists in say, the 200m Men’s Free would be brave…and maybe foolhardy…so I will be both!!

This Horton character seems a tad flaky under pressure (an Asafa Powell o the pool ?!)
Britain’s James Guy (if acclimatised right) I think will be set on helping lead Team GB take away some hardware. Likely to succeed.

If Sun* sets sail with intent though…that Chinese torpedo will be hardest to beat!!

But what do I know! It’ll be fun watching some great battles of minds and strokes in a few weeks. Podium fillers will have earnt it…


I think the 200 will be between Guy and Yang*, and the 400 will be Yang. 1500 is Paltrinieri for the win.

kevin roose

is that Yang with a needle ASWIMFAN IN THE 400 and if he is going to win the 400 why not the 1500 ?????????with the needle ???

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