Kings of … Are You Not Entertained? You Will Be: By Phelps, Le Clos, Cseh & Co

Michael Phelps in Omaha at USA Olympic Trials in pursuit of more glory in Rio at a fifth Games - by Matthew Bish - Bold Action Media

Are you not entertained? You will be by the butterfly battles ahoy at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. On your marks, set … for Michael Phelps, Chad Le Clos, Laszlo Cseh, Joe Schooling and Co as they line up for events that nag on the knife edge of experience vs youth, rematch and more

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I’ve got a feeling that 1-2 in both 100 and 200 fly in London will repeat their roles in Rio in exactly the same positions.

Attila Riez

As for the two 31 year old, this time Laszlo Cseh will not swim in the role of the ‘silver man’. Having in mind his continuous progress over the last one and a half years, his current super strong mental and motivational focus (with which he can handle the now or never to complete his helm with an Olympic Gold), probably he swims a PB that can be even better than his old shiny one. We will see then where that time lifts him on the podium.

kevin roose

It will certainly be a highly emotional night or nights if Chad does win either the 100 or 200 Fly ….


I would love for Cseh to finally win gold, but I am concerned that he’s already swum his best time of the year in London european champs.

Attila Riez

I have just checked again his Kazan victory. He almost died on the last 25m, yet, he did it. That race was an open incredible fight in between them all along. This year in London no one made him to drop that extra adrenalin bomb. That is why I think we still can expect a better time from him.

Craig Lord

Attila, just a quiet whisper from history: it may not be about the time. The race is what it will be about 🙂 And the race and how that unfolds will determine the time …

Alex Mason

I’d like to see Phelps get a gold in a fly event, just because. It’d be like final proof he’s the Alpha and the Omega of swimming. Le Clos has plenty more time to be winning Olympic golds in his career.

Having said that, I think Cseh will be an undoubtedly popular winner too. So I’d be very happy to see him on the top step also.

I don’t think there will be any crazy WR times I think they’ll be too wound up with beating each other to care about that.

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