Day Of The Sub-2:07 WR Gets Closer: January & Marco Koch Goes 2:07.6 At Euro Meet

Marco Koch, having fun on the podium with Laurent Carnol and Arkady Grigoryev at the 2016 Euro Meet

Germany’s World champion Marco Koch showed the January form of his life with a stunner of a 2:07.69 meet-mark victory at the Euro Meet in Luxembourg this evening. Koch claimed the European title in 2014 in 2:07.47. Today marked his third dip below 2:08 and the second-best effort of his career, inside the time he clocked for the world title in August last year, 2:07.76.

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Bad Anon

I think the men’s 200breast following a similar evolution to the one we saw in the women’s version starting with Soni at the London Olympics; pacing masterpiece. 2.07 is probably as psychological as 2.20.00 was for women in 2012 and previously. The Olympic year perhaps the most opportune time to crack 2.07 for anyone harbouring podium ambitions. Several world records will be broken in Rio ; for men ; 100back, 100breast ,200breast, 400freestyle and maybe 200IM
Women ; 100back, 200free, 400free, 800free, 200breast, 400IM, and maybe 100fly


Who will break M400 fs and W400im?


I don’t think w400IM WR will be broken, but m400fs WR will likely fall.

I also don’t think w200 free WR will be broken, and that w4x200 WR will get crushed.


Aswimfan, don’t give up on Sjostrom. Ledecky’s 1.3% improvement ( 15:13.0, 8:0, 3:56, 1.52.90, 53.0 ) looks indeed like SF at least today. Sjostrom can swim 50 with world record speed without breathing and also is able to compete at middle distances. She never strongly focused on 200, but nevertheless has made almost effortlessly 1:54.3. I think that she is given the ability to break Pellegrini’s record.
If you ask me who will get the gold in Rio I will favor Ledecky. If you ask who can break WR the answer will be Sjostrom.



I am not giving up on Sjostrom, as I believe she has another drop in 200 free and I keep believing she should swim it in Rio.

I, however, do not think 200 free WR will fall in Rio. But then again, I also did not think that w200IM WR would not be broken for another 10 years.


^ should have been “I also thought that w200IM WR would not be broken for another 10 years”

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