Katie Ledecky: The Sun Around Which All Distance Freestylers Must Orbit

Katie Ledecky - Olympic queen of distance freestyle - by Patrick B. Kraemer

There’s a sense of alpha and omega and all things beginning and ending with Katie Ledecky when the gaze turns from the 50 to 200m freestyle realm upwards to the 400 and 800m, no insult whatsoever intended to Jazz Carlin and those chasing. They are outstanding. They live at a time and excel in the realm of a phenomenal, prodigious talent. Our series on historic rankings and the impact of shiny suits reaches women’s distance freestyle. If the American who leaves her teenage years behind next month deserved more than an honourable mention when we looked at the four-lap race and considered her entry into the all-time top 10, then the name Katie Ledecky is the sun around which all other aces revolve when it comes to distances of 400m upwards.

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