Kate Lundsten & The Aquajets: The Power Of Pose, Smile, Team & Embracing Limitations

The ideal team, the reality of team, the talk, the smile and the OCM of it all with Kate Lundsten at the Aquajets (photos courtesy of Kate Lundsten and WADC 2016)

The power of smile, of team and embracing limitations. If the world always looks brighter from behind a smile, then best take your shades to the pool with you should you flow through the Aquajets program in Minneapolis. Those heading for the water, make sure your goggles have at least a hint of tint and don’t forget to bring a spring for your step. Coach Kate Lundsten carries blue sky with her whatever the weather

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Dennis Lugemwa

1. Love this site and the well written articles. Really sick of reading things like 10 things swimmers should do to get faster.

2. As an age group coach in the states so good to see a female coach like Kate Lundsten get some love and recognition. Will remember to keep smiling.

3. Love the huskies/dog analogy! I want to share this with my staff and swimmers tomorrow.

Craig Lord

Thanks for the note, Dennis. There was much richness in the presentations from coaches, professors, thinkers and others in Lund. More on some of that down the line when we get the chance.

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