Jon Rudd’s Rallying Cry: If FINA Doesn’t Have Our Backs, Game Over, The Dopers Win

Jon Rudd at WADC in January [main image and Rudd inset, Craig Lord; Ben Proud by Ian McNicol; Ruta Meilutyte by Patrick B. Kraemer]

Jon Rudd, head coach to England’s Commonwealth Games team in 2014 and supremo at Plymouth Leander, believes that swimming is “one stroke away from allowing money, politics and bad influence to unlock the key to drugs cupboard and allow a free for all”.

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Who could thought that the girl with so tough childhood is so fragile emotionally. Meilutyte may win gold in Rio but I have serious doubts that it will be done with new personal best beating what was shown in Barcelona almost three years ago.


In general terms, I’m sure it’s a bitter pill to swallow (pun intended) to work your ass off over many years and then stand up on the blocks at the World Championships beside someone who’s been popping the non-metaphorical variety.

Of course if youth is on your side, you can learn from that experience and make sure you are not affected in the same way again.

Craig Lord

Very easy Yozhik to imagine that, in fact. Babashoff to current gen – some of the toughest people you could imagine … Allison Wagner, tough, tough, tough – and yet raw and weak from her experience, too at some stages down the line (lots and lots of examples of really tough folk undone by injustice; even Miss Egerszegi in that woeful summer of Rome 1994) …so many of them found it hard to deal with cheats because those cheats were backed by a system that did nothing about it, injustice left to fester, people deprived of their just rewards. It is, of course, much easier for you to question their ’emotional weakness’ than it is to handle it all in the raw – face to face and directly personal. I think you might try to place yourself in the shoes of victims to gain a little deeper understanding of the place of those who know they did everything right and good to get to where they are but get beaten by those who fall foul of anti-doping rules and then laugh in the faces of those they compete against (we saw that attitude last summer). Think again, Yozhik…. don’t use this website as a way of issuing deep criticism of teenage girls, please. I’m not monitoring your vast uninformed opinions on people you never met – nor will I allow you to write in the tone you did about the emotional state of teenagers in the particular one you have taken – it isn’t appropriate. You made your point, I believe it a bad one – but leave it on the site – the rest simply went too far.


@Craig. You have my points and read my arguments. It is enough for me since I commented on your article. Maybe later when you have a time and are in the good mood you will rethink about this discussion and come up with different conclusion. Maybe not 🙂 If you believe that data I provided drives us too far from the purpose of your article and there is no need to share it with other participants of this forum then it is your decision. There was nothing criminal or insulting with what I wrote.

Craig Lord

I didn’t suggest there was Yozhik, I do, though, think it wholly unfair to take from a strand of the discussion on the much bigger topic of doping in swimming a line that appears to further whack a kid whose been whacked by circumstance. I’d rather focus on those who cause such things to come about – people who need removing from sports governance and the real of guardianship of children an young adults altogether.

Felix Sanchez

I have a lot of time for Jon Rudd, but is he speaking for all of British swimming when he says: “There is not a single one of us that is doing anything undercover nor doing something we shouldn’t be.”

British swimming has a great record, but how could he know this for certain?

Craig Lord

He can’t, Felix but he has a very solid understanding of the culture he works in – and he’s probably right.

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