Jeremy Stravius Tops 200m Tussle Ahead Of 1 Olympic & 3 World Champs On Golden Tour

Jeremy Stravius by Patrick B. Kraemer

It’s only Marseille and the Golden Tour but Jeremy Stravius emerged from the 200m freestyle with a smile on his face today after a 1:47.65 victory that kept at bay one Olympic champion, three World champions and the world record holder in the one four-lap battle; Katinka Hosszu on 2:07 in 200IM and 200 back; Sarah Sjostrom on 53.8 and 57 flat 100 free and ‘fly; and a 21.67 from Florent Manaudou

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2:07/2:07 in both 200 IM/back on the same night in early March is nuts. And this is after 4:29 yesterday.

Alexander Alexander

1.55.75 in the 200 fly from young Tamas Kenderesi at a low key meet in Gyór, Hungary – not bad.

Alexander Alexander

Edit: 1.55.72.

Craig Lord

Thanks Alex – in the ranks and copy.

Bad Anon

Hosszu is one of the most raced swimmers ever raking in millions from racing alone, that’s a class apart. I think her hard work is finally paying off when a 2.10 in the 200IM is a warm up swim 2.08 a time trial and 2.06, heck 2.05 at peak in the 200IM. Scheduling is perfect for medley and backstroke events. Think she’ll throw her name in the hat for 200free, though 200free final and, 200I’m final in same session. She’s so far ahead in 200m IM ,her effort in Marseilles today almost certain to clinch gold. She’s now like Ledecky in the way she dominates IMs. Even Ye at best will be no match for Hosszu

paolo rubbiani

Coralie Balmy very positive in the 400 free in every stage of the Golden Tour (always under 4.05). Curious to see if she can drop another chunk of time at French trials in Montpellier at the end of March.
Sjostrom’s training a little different as regards previous years, when she performed perhaps greater times in-season. We’ll see, also for Sjostrom, her performances when counts most.

Craig Lord

Bad Anon, you stretch your point – raking in millions… no, about $1m, which is about $6m less than Franzi V Almsick earned from being a fast swimmer (other egs, too)… so no uniqueness there; that is reserved for the profile of her progress relatively late in a long career. Her ‘dominance ‘like Ledecky’ does not stretch to IMs, in my view. If I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d put money on Ledecky winning the 400 and 800 (and even perhaps the 200) but I wouldn’t put money on KH winning the 400IM.

Bad Anon

CL, you missed my point completely. Was referring from Hosszu’s earnings from actual racing and and not endorsement as the like. she’s one swimmer who’s been swimming double digit events at multiple meets across the world. Ofcourse there are bigger earners like MP, Van Almsick etc but KH’s earnings from winning in the pools bests most by a huge margin

Bad Anon

And I’d get free gold membership for a month when KH wins 400IM in Rio in a wr 4.27.06 because my money is on her 😉
And think Ledecky will be upset in the 200free, just a gut feeling…

Craig Lord

No I didn’t miss your point, BadAnon. Everyone in the world knows about the race-money, so you weren’t exactly delivering the news 🙂 Earnings wherever they come from are more pertinent. Race earnings in swimming are ‘so what’: most of what KH has earned, no fault of her own, has been in competition far shy of world-class challenge, the world cup largely bypassed by the rest of the world despite it being the competition where FINA offers its biggest single prize. I’ll give you ‘unique’ in that no-one else is chasing the money like KH has done, quite clearly. The more pertinent ‘unique’ is her competitive profile, as I stated.

Craig Lord

You won’t be getting a free anything from this site whatever KH wins or clocks in Rio, Bad Anon – we’re not a casino 🙂

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